Mønsted Limestone Mine

We visit the largest limestone mine in the world. Record !


Mønsted Limestone Mine is found in the western part of Denmark, in Jytland.


A great place to visit. Please enter the train.

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The train takes you into the mine. Already now you see the limestone layers and the flintstone layers.   DSC 3776 450

The temperature is like 8 degrees celcius. Remenber your jacket.


Go for a walk around the paths in the mine.

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Stop and admire the place.   DSC 3776 450

Every hour you can see a show on the wall of the mine.


You hear about the history of the mine, but you are not informed about the deposition of the flint.

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The dark layers in the limestone is flint.


Nobody can explain the flint layers. I asked the guide, and he told me several different theories.


Slow disposal is hard to explain. Rapid burial is more likely when you are a creationist.


My theory is that algaes died because the oceans turned acid when the continents drifted apart during the biblical flood.


Some algaes are responsible for the limestone layers. Other algaes died and were deposited as flintstone. That is my theory at present time.

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Explore the mine homepage - in English:  https://www.monsted-kalkgruber.dk/?lang=en