Geomuseum Faxe and the Limestone Quarry

Officially we are told, that 63 million years back in time, Denmark was covered by a deep sea. A large coral reef was growing where the town of Faxe is located today.


Sharks and crocodiles lived here along with more than 500 other animal species.


Today we have a big open limestone quarry. It is still operating.

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Visit Geomuseum Faxe and see animal fossils and learn about the more than 900 years of limestone quarrying in the old coral reef.

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We go inside the museum and look at the interesting displays.


Here is a lot to look at, if you are simply love fossils.


Fossil teeth found in the quary.


Once upon a time sharks lived in the sea surrounding Denmark.

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63.000.000 years back in time? If you are a creationist you have another time span, so let os see, if the museum reveals any secrets.


One item in the museum is mysterious. That is if you are a normal scientist.


The puzzling block

The many large holes in the coral limestone are burrowholes made by bivalve mollusks known as piddocks. Some of the burrow-holes contain the remains of a small cave-dwelling sea lily. The burrow-holes indicate relatively shallow water, while the sea lily signals relatively deep water. The mystery is perhaps explained by big changes in the sea level in a relatively short period of time. 

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If you believe in catastrophe model like the biblical flood, you have no problems with the information.



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